Venture Kayaks Easky 15 vs manitou14ft.

Could anyone give me a short (or longer) comparison of the Venture Kayaks Easky 15 with or without Rudder to the Necky manitou 14


extremely similar
It may be hard to find paddlers with solid experience with both boats but I can give you my general impressions for what they are worth. I own an Easky 15LV (the low volume version since I am 5’ 5") and have some time in the cockpit of both a Manitou and a Necky Eskia from having rented both during vacation outings in British Columbia. The main problem is that the Manitou was a bit oversized for me so that affects my experience with the boat and I am not comparing apples to apples performance wise.

The Necky Eskia was actually more similar to the Easky. Both are easy to propel forward, straight tracking, comfortable cockpit and seat, nice adjustments on the thigh braces, seat and foot pegs, and overall nimble feeling in handling.

Compared to them the Manitou seemed more sluggish to me (again, it was a bit large for me – only rented it because it was all they had left that day) and harder to edge. I believe the Manitou 14 is a somewhat larger boat volume wise (than the Easky) even though it is shorter, perhaps as much as 15 to 20%. Hard to find hard figures on that from the spec charts online. If you are a heavier guy or want more storage capacity that extrea volume could be helpful. The one I used had the older style plastic hatches – I think the newer ones have changed to rubber with cross straps. If the Easky has one drawback it is that there are not security straps on the hatches, but I have never had one pop.

However, it may be worth noting that Atlantic Kayak Tours, who teach kayaking including open water skills, apparently considers the Easky a competent boat for open water ocean touring but does NOT feel that way about the Manitou. Read their evaluations of the two models.

Very different boat
I have paddled both on demos at one time or another, and the manitou 14 did indeed have alot more room inside. I am a bigger guy, 6’2", 215, and the difference was a big comfortable cockpit good for lazy day calm weather paddles(m14) and really held in for good contact with the boat(easky 15).

In terms of stability, the m14 has a nice reassuring initial stability, which is great for someone newer or not as comfortable in a boat, where i found the easky had excellent secondary stability, but left a little to be desired in the initial. I normally paddle a necky chatham 17, which is 2 inches narrower than the easky 15, and i found the chatham has better initial than the easky.

In terms of skill development though, the easky is way above the manitou. With the hard chines you can really carve a tight turn, and it responds more like a longer boat.

I would have to tip my hat towards the easky as well in terms of build quality, the plastic is MUCH stiffer and is alot more solidly built, the inverted chines below make it track when you want it to, i liked the venture seat better than the one in the manitou (this was the older version i tried, which was pre 2010, i can’t speak for the new ACS seats)

One of the few things i didn’t like about the easky was the footrest system, the slide and twist adjuster, while very solid feeling once it was locked in, for my left foot it kept popping out while paddling, could have been a defective peiece and replaced, but it turned me off of the whole idea.

If you had any specific questions send me an email and i can try and answer you.

what I think I know…
Several outfitters near me use the Easky 15 for their tours and beginner classes.

I don’t know of any that use the Manitou 14 for either.

I was in NY this Spring and took Atlantic Kayak’s “Norie Short Tour” – paddled across the Hudson and back near Hyde Park. It’s an introductory-type tour, and the Manitou 14 was the boat they were putting most of the clients in.

I fit twixt two of you @ 5’11" +185lbs.

Would that affect either kayak adversely?


At your size you might fit the Easky 15 better.

As was pointed out by the guy above, the Easky’s are more like a sports car and the Manitou is more of a minivan. If you want handling, speed and performance (and to increase your “driving” skills), you’d be happier with the Easky. But if you value load capacity and a predictable highway-like ride, maybe get the Manitou.

YOu really need to spend a little time paddling both to see how they feel to you.