Venture Skye Kayak

Hi All,

Does anyone know much about this boat. I’m considering it for my wife, who is a beginner, and wants a boat with more initial stability than the explorer/aquanaut type boat. She is 5,6" and 140lb

thanks in advance.

It might be a bit big for her
The Venture Skye is not called the Easky 17. Venture also makes an Easky 15 and 15LV, which are very nice kayaks.

The Skye/Venture 17 is a great kayak for the price. It isn’t the roughest or toughest kayak around, but it is a great kayak. And it is very stable and forgiving.

I got a SKYE 17 last September…
I like it a lot.

Paddlemore is right - for ‘08 they changed the name to Easky 17 - so if you are looking at a Skye and they say new, it is a leftover from previous model year(s) and you should get a deal for helping to clear out the old stock.

I am 5’5" and about 220 lbs - your wife might want some ballast to help with the waterline, but cockpit fit should be good. Tracks good, good speed, manuverability, etc.

Stock skeg works well in the weather.

I have not paddled a lot of different boats and no other boat in that class, so I can’t compare for you.

I got mine on clearance for $925 and can say that I don’t regret the purchase.

I spent the previous four seasons in an Old Town Nantucket which my skills had outgrown by early on in year 4.

Now in season 5 with the Skye and I am doing more and achieving more goals - no feeling that the boat is “holding me back.”

Your wife should have plenty of room to grow into a Skye, skills wise.

On the stability - I had my Skye out in 5’ waves on Lake Erie this year and it felt very good - excellent secondary stability. Be sure to teach her to brace and I don’t see any problems.

Hope to see you BOTH on the water,