I would like to get some opinions on the Venus 11 kayak. I have a Caper and I would like some opinions on the Venus, mainly because of the weight. I liked the Venus 10, although I thought it was to small. We peddle on still water on a river, they call it Town Lake in Austin. My son and I are recreational kayakers, for 30 minutes up to 2 hours.

Well - - - may be a stupid question - -
But maybe not - - Who makes them??

I’ve never heard of them myself, but that’s not saying much.

At least you get a bump back up the list outta this reply.

Ocean Kayak
I believe they are made by Ocean Kayak…kim

Sweet Little Boat, BUT
I bought Kathy a Venus 11 to go with my Mars. We both wish we had bought two Mars, instead.

The Venus is a sweet little boat, but just not enough carrying capacity for any but the smallest, lightest boaters.

Unfortunately, Ocean Kayak doesn’t make the Mars any more, but now they make a Venus 13 that might have more capacity than the Venus 11.

We ended up giving the Venus to Kathy’s daughter who weighs like 120# soaking wet, and it has since become Kathy’s 11 year old granddaughter’s boat. She really rips in it, but she is still under 100#

We have a Mars

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On the Pnet Classifieds in the VA section

It is like new and in excellent condition. Not sure where you are, but we have priced it very fairly, so even with shipping, you would come out ahead. If you email us, I can send you hi-res pictures. The wife moved up to a tarpon 160 for offshore fishing, but loved the mars for lakes and ponds. It has been stored in the boathouse when not in use, and she washed it after EVERY fishing trip. The Corps taught me to take care of my gear, a lifetime of horses taught her to do the same. if interested.