Verde River AZ

Just a shot in the dark, but was wondering if anybody is familiar with this river. I’m going to have several free days while visiting the Phoenix area in a couple of weeks, and I’m intrigued by the canoeing and fishing possibilities on the Verde, but a Google search did not come up with any place to rent a canoe or kayak or obtain a shuttle.

The American Whitewater site has
information. I watch the Verde gauges every spring because, having a brother in Phoenix to run shuttle, I want to add Arizona to my state list.

But the Verde does not run adequately every season. I was signed up to run it with Sunrise Expeditions one spring, but Verde didn’t fill and we ran the San Juan instead.

Parts of the run are tough and require strong boat scouting and maneuvering skills, with rope coverage being desirable in places.

why not the Colorado?
The Colorado is always doable from Bullhead City.

And I believe there are outfitters for
the lower Colorado, from Hoover on down?