Back in the early 70s, I had a sweet 12’ foot fiberglass canoe that I think was a “Verity” or something like that. Does anyone own such a boat or know the make I am talking about? I’d like to find another one if they’re still around. Had some great times in that boat, running down the interstate with it strapped atop my VW beetle.

I was seriously canoe shopping in the
early 70s, but don’t recall a “Verity.” I ended up with a 13’ Mad River Compatriot, and proceded to hammer it on easy whitewater for a couple of decades.

Funny about boats on cars. My daughter liked to have my red slalom c-1 on top of the car when she drove around, because boys would ask about it.

I don’t recall any girls asking about my lil’ canoe. And believe me, I would have noticed!