Vermont Canoe - anyone ever paddle one

I was recently looking at a Vermont Canoe Soloki and was wondering if anyone has ever paddled one? It would be used on a small lake and on day trips.

Looks a lot like…
…my old RX Wenonah Fisherman on paper - only better (being composite, it’s a given). The Fisherman is beamy and slow, but paddles easily. Turns easily but not difficult to paddle straight. Took that down plenty of class 1+ river with no problem, although a couple who followed me in it on one trip managed to fill it (operator error). Nice for small lakes if not in a hurry. Easy to carry and load, easy to maneuver in tight an/or shallow spaces.

Never even seen the Sokoki in person, but I’d be very surprised if it didn’t perform noticeably better than the Fisherman in RX. Should be easy to live with and a decent-to-good boat for the stated purpose - especially if you’re not accustomed to or looking for the higher performance of a longer, narrower boat. And way better looking.

have not paddled the Soloki
but had a Tupper and in process of getting an Indy. Robs boats are spot on for their intended purpose and customer service that is second to none.