Vermont Canoe

Rob when I google Vermont Canoe I get imported vinegar.

Please tell me you still exist.

Vermont Canoe
Last month an outfitter told me that Vermont Canoe has ceased production, but is doing repairs full time. If it is true, it is sad. With Bell winding down that is two fewer canoe/pack boat makers.

Still kickin’ (paddlin’)…
Web site down temporarily. Our previous provider did the “midnight run” and is out of business. So, we are taking the opportunity to completely rework the web site. In the meantime, “fan” us on Facebook.

Production…As many of you know, the facility is attached to our home. We need to get it into another facility and away from our home. There’s is no way to grow long term in this space and it’s time to separate work from home. This, of course, will take a little time. But, we are still building canoes. They need to be special ordered and paid in full at time of order. The repair and restoration business is crazy busy…keep them coming.

Lastly, we, like many small businesses these days, are not getting much help from the banks. Our bank (nice, small, local bank) got bought by big out-of-state bank (big BAD bank) and it didn’t work in our favor. No worries, just making some adjustments.

Thanks for being concerned…we love you all.


Glad all is well
Best of luck to you - come back soon!

At’ta boy, Rob…
Good ta hear yer still makin’ dem great Indys. Ah’ visited Neal of Neal’s Sports Emporium a couple weeks ago an’ wuz discussin’ wat’s up wit Vermont Canoe as of late. Good ta hear yer still wit us.