Vermont Canoe

I am looking at a 12’ one person canoe that has “Vermont Canoe” on the side of it. I can’t find a manufacturer with that name anywhere on line. Has anyone heard of this company?

Any replies would be greatly appreciated.

Probably a Tupper
Or Big Tupper, a 12’9" Adirondack pack canoe:

Rob Scharges had been with the original Mad River Canoe and he and his wife founded Vermont Canoe when MRC was sold and left Waitsfield, Vermont:

He used to post on his forum under the user name “openboater” but I have not seen any posts from him for a while and sent him a PM via this forum not too long ago and received no response. I heard his shop got flooded out by Hurricane Irene and I kind of doubt he was able to resume production.

Can’t fine anywhere on-line?
Try looking under reviews, canoes, on this site.

Never paddled any of their canoes, but I met Rob and once visited his shop. Vermont Canoe had a good reputation as a craft canoe builder. If you like it, don’t hesitate to buy.