Vermont Indy

who’s got one and are you satisfied with the layup, trim, etc. No dealers in my area, and though Rob says he’s headed this way soon to find some, would appreciate some input from owners.

Took a good look at the first one
about a year ago and looked over the other models at the VC shop, as well. I own a Kevlar MRC Independence already, so I wasn’t looking to buy one, but the overall quality of craftsmanship across the line was top-notch IMO. Very much in keeping with the MRC heritage. Indys are “infused” now, as I understand. Use of that process can only mean good things about consistency and reduced weight in addition to the environmental advantage. I believe VC is committed to producing and standing behind a quality product and that Indy is a good value. If you know and like its predecessor, you shouldn’t be disappointed.