Versa Board

Anyone familiar with this SOT/SUP board hybrid? I know it’s co-branded between Liquidlogic and Native Watercraft, with the boats being virtually identically other than NW’s fishing attachments and the available colors.

Other than that, there seem to be no differences at all. Only one previous post here about them and then nothing. Wondering if anyone has heard anything good or bad about these relatively-new boats, how they track, paddle, fast or slow, as versatile as claimed, whatever…

I’m considering a LL version to paddle, fish a little, snorkel some lakes, and maybe get into some SUP paddling. Looks like a neat little boat.

Native’s version has a groove track for accessories and Scotty flush mounts as standard. Other than that, I think the only other differences are colors and logos. I’ve paddled the liquidlogic version as well as boards from C4 Waterman and Surf Tech.

The Versaboard certainly has it’s appeals. It’s durable because it’s plastic and that also allows for installing deck rigging and rod holders. It’s much better suited for rivers and camping because it has deck rigging and an available seat for windy and rough conditions. Most other models are shaped like surfboards with no rigging for gear and have fixed fins. The Versaboard has a retractable skeg. It’s also very stable and has a reasonable price tag.

Some cons would be that it’s comparably slow and a bit heavy. Other boards may be more performance-oriented in surf conditions because they were shaped by surfers. The Versaboard was designed by a kayaker and can crossover a bit more there.

Hope this helps.

Versa board
I was at a symposium this past weekend in Traverse City and paddled one and it was a real surprise! I thought the whole stand up thing was pretty silly but I really liked the feeling of skimming over the water from up on high. The Versa was very easy to stand up on and everyone who tried it succeeded in staying on with no trouble. I suspect true SUP devotees would consider it a slow board but when I sat down and used a kayak paddle I could really scoot along nicely. This Versa Board had a swivel seat like I’ve never seen before that was super cool! Only thing…I didn’t catch what the price was! If I lived on water I’d own one as I could for sure see fishing off it.

Thanks guys
Appreciate the feedback. I’m leaning towards the LL version, just because I won’t use the rod holdsers THAT much (if at all).

Thanks again.