Versatile wall-mounted garage rack

I searched the archives and could not find what was posted here, I believe in the last year.

Someone asked about garage wall-mounted kayak racks. One of the responders described a simple, flexible system that was largely DIY. I can’t remember much about it, except it involved screwing 2x4’s vertically into the studs (with the broad side flush against the wall) and using that as the bare-bones framework. The bottom of each 2x4 rested on the garage floor, so it was as if a free-standing rack was held in place by screwing it to the studs (allowing the 2x4s to bear the weight of the kayaks). Whatever J-hooks or slings or shelves were desired were bolted to the 2x4s rather than to the wall itself.

I’m looking for sturdiness, versatility to change or add storage, and inexpensiveness (hence, the DIY aspect). The studs I would mount the 2x4s against are roughly 64" apart, which makes any J-hooks suitably spaced for use with short or long boats, or paddles.

If you remember the post I refer to, please point me to it. Thanks.

this the discussion I think

Not the one
I’ll search farther back than 1 year. But thanks for looking.

Sounds like you’ve got it down
except for the j hooks. Go to the Home Depot site & search “arm hook.” That’s what my boats are sitting on.