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Hi Everyone,

My name is Easton and I just opened up a Paddle shop in Wisconsin Dells called Vertical Illusions, and we also do kayak tours. The area is so beautiful and I wanted to promote the sport of paddling. Stop in sometime for some free coffee, look around and grab some free advice on where to paddle and put in. The area has a lot of caves, coves, canyons and rock formations that were carved out of the cambrian sandstone 14,000 years ago. Hope to see you around-

Your paddling partner,

Oh boy . . .
your going to get it now. The responses will start to pour in. They will say things like. “Next time buy an ad”

Not by me…
I’ve been looking forward to some paddling in the Dells area. It’s good to know there is somewhere there that is willing to provide good advice.

If you make it through the winter ok, I’ll see you next year.

Since you’re not supposed to
be advertising here, but are supposed to be talking about paddling, how about telling us your background, your paddling experience and philosophy, a little more about your area, etc.?


-One Dollar -

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Hi Sanjay,

Thanks for letting me share my background and philosophy on paddling.

My paddle philosophy is "Live Your World." It's also the slogan for Vertical Illusions. It means taking life a bit slower to enjoy the smaller things in life; whether its by paddling, hiking, biking, climbing or camping.

I have paddled all throughout the midwest and the area I love most is the Wisconsin Dells. Its in my opinion the greatest river in the world to paddle. The Dells is awe-inspiring and the river history is amazing.

I am a member of "One Percent For The Planet" and the Sierra Club to preserve and conserve the areas we still have left to adventure. I am working towards making the Dells more paddle accessible.

Your paddling partner,

Sounds great- Stop in for a snowshoe tour this winter!