Vertical Kayak Storage for multiple kayaks

We recently purchased 5 sit on top kayaks for my family. I’m planning to store them vertically for space. My question is, can I stand them on their sterns nestled together with their sides facing the wall and secure then that way or do they need to be secured side by side “cockpit” facing out? Thanks so much!

I think that is a good space saving way to do it.

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That’s how high volume retailers like Dick’s store the most kayaks in the least space.


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I wouldn’t recommend storing kayaks like that. Boats should be stored horizontally. I would recommend the Malone 6 Kayak Storage Rack. It’s by far the best on the market.

How high is your ceiling? What material are the boats made of? Are they custom boats or big box economy models.?

I would not store my boats that way. Especially with some Florida summer heat. If exposed to summer sun plastic can take some strange shapes.

However many sit on tops could be vertical and not be a problem…if they didn’t fall over.

When I toured the Perception factory, they had dozens stored vertically.

Yes, If you had a boat like a Preception vertical, or horizontal would likely be not a problem.

A Perception Vertical is a model I’m not familiar with.

I believe it’s designed for running falls.