Vertical Kayak Storage

Hi, newbie question for you. I appreciate it. I have a fiberglass 12’ Wilderness Systems Chesapeake kayak. It’s 36lb. My question is related to storage. I’ve read a good way to store is vertically. This works well for my space. However, the kayak has a rudder on the stern. I assume it would be bad to store the boat vertically resting the rudder on a rubber mat or pillow. In this situation should I store it on the bow? I’ve got some strapping to ensure it won’t fall. If that is bad, then perhaps I can store it on its side somewhere. Thanks!!!

With a FG kayak, on the bow is ok,.
and on it’s side is OK too.

Pay attention to what critters can invade your kayak. On the nose might make it hard for mice to enter, but wrens may try to nest inside. A mesh cockpit cover would allow the boat to dry thoroughly inside.

Thanks, I really appreciate the quick advice! I have a cockpit cover that came with the boat to keep out the critters.

If you use that cockpit cover when
carrying that boat on the car, consider measures to get it to stay on in the windstream. Even when one of my covers stays in place, it often flops with annoying noise. That’s one reason I usually carry kayaks upside down in cradles. Another is that the aerodynamics are a bit better that way.