Vertical or 30 degree rod holders?

I am about to take a hole saw to my 2 year old Current Design 12ft HV Kestral kayak and install a surface mount rod holder just behind the operator. The tube I plan to use is from Cabellas and could be a straight or vertical tube. Anyone have experience or advice on the advantages to a vertical (straight) or 30 degree angled rod holder tube mounted just behind the seat to the right of the paddler?

Installed, it will be just a fancy hole in the hull to slip a rod in and out of, or leave in position for trolling. I ordered the straight tube because I thought the rod might be less likely to get yanked out of the boat - or isn’t this really a problem? Thanks!


Angled holders

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The angled flush mount rod holders work fine. I have never had a rod get yanked out of one of these yet. One thing to think about when mounting an angled flush mount holder is that you must be carefull where you drill the hole because it is easy to place in a spot where the lower end may conflict with a scupper or the inside of the hull etc.

Hate those rod holders, take up too much
hull room and aren’t convenient. Better are the Scotty adjustable rod holders with a flush mount.

A couple bits of advice.
Make sure that the rod inside the hull isn’t going to interfere with your legs or anything else that’s also inside the hull. You mentioned the model you’re paddling, but I don’t know it and I’m too lazy to look it up to know whether it’s an SOT or a SinK.

Also, even if it’s not going to get into the way of your legs, will it snag on things you plan to store inside the hull? Be careful of that too.

Finally, it depends on where you plan to fish. I fish mostly on rivers. Fish like banks of rivers. So do trees. For me, that means overhanging branches. When I paddle my SOT, I use a Surf to Summit Fisherman’s seat and the rods are pretty much vertical. I have to be extremely careful about overhanging branches, else I snag lures or line in tree branches and build myself a nice airborne anchor. Not pleasant. If you’re paddling in open areas, not a problem. I’d still be likely to go with an angled one just because I’d find that more pleasing to my eye (your results may vary), but it probably doesn’t matter one way or the other functionally.

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