very cold and windy on the lake report

This morning:

38 degrees

20 mile an hour or so winds…can we say wind chill??

water temp 61

time 0650

conditions: moderate to occasional rough wind waves.

Drysuit, thermals, reed tuilik, extra mystery hood under it, gloves, GP’s, paddling the Legend that I should have added some weight to today. Went out about 2 miles and got the full brunt of the wind and whitecaps. Actually got a bit windburned!

From the Lake Murray website:

A lake Wind Advisory remains in effect until 6 PM EST Wednesday a strong pressure gradient will help produce mainly north winds at 15 to 25 mph with a few gusts to 30 mph possible.

A lake Wind Advisory indicates that winds will cause rough chop on area lakes. Small boats will be especially prone to capsizing.

Whew! good thing I wasn’t in one of those “small boats”.



Guess it was not a day for my size boats…

Things Are Just Starting To "Cool Down"
let’s talk in February. Those conditions will seem balmy in comparison. :wink:

Have to admit, I had my 6/5/4 on Sunday. It’s been the coolest this year. Upper 30’s air, 50 water, 15-18 knots N-NE winds. Most important some swells. Heck of a lot of fun once I got warmed up paddling out. Just me and one boardie on the whole darn break.


water like glass this morning. no wind, 45% water at 60. gonna be a spring day paddle!

gonna go load up the boats and get an hour or tow in before the family wakes up. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Sounds like perfect conditions
I might be wierd but. I like those conditions