very rare canoe

i have a canoe 14’ fiberglass and the trolling motor is built in so you cruise around without any one knowing your trolling witch is kinda funny they look at you weird e idk how much its worth or anything help me

If it works, you might be able to sell
it to some fisherman. But it’s not a real canoeist’s canoe, and most pnetters wouldn’t take it as a gift.

My uncle used to have a little pirou, about 12’ long. It would be the equivalent of a Pungo now and it had a built in electric motor.

He left it in my care for a time about 35 years ago when he went overseas and I thought it was really cool for fishing and bird watching. As a teenager any small boat I could get my hands on was cool.

If it works at all it can make someone happy! Ought to be worth at least a couple hundred bucks if it is in decent shape.