Vessel Ident sticker

If you are in the Plymouth Mass area, stop in at the harbor master’s office at the town pier and pick up one of the free peel and stick vessel Ident stickers that they hand out.

You’ll not only help yourself, but also help the Coast Guard, and search and rescue people.

They told me that every time they find a floating or washed up canoe or kayak they have to search until they find the owner, and these stickers would eliminate a lot of unnecessary searching.

Jack L

Great idea and my CG Auxiliary mates
and I hand them out whenever we can get them. Need to watch though as some “permanent” felt tips seem to wash off in salt water. I’m going to try touch up paint with the little brushes. Rick

state law in colorado
you muist have your name and address and phone number written inside your boat - same reason; lots of ww kayaks get lose on creeks and anyone seeing one may call 911 thinking there is an “accident” - then sherrif and S&R can call the owner’s number for info - saves time and effort if he has checked in first

I use these, but…
IF my phone number is on my boat and they find my boat, floating and call that number, I am NOT going to answer it.

My only hope is that IF my boat is stolen and abandoned, the sticker will help me recover the thing.

Just Email the Coast Guard and they will
Email the Coast Guard at this address:

Tell them how many of the free “Paddle Smart” stickers you need. I told them I would like 2 for my boats, but that I had some friends to hand them out to. They mailed me a dozen of them, no charge!

Thanks for the tip
The local Coast Guard folks here seem to have forgotten about this program.

All various inks I have tried fail to stay legible on these for very long.

I have label maker and make a label with my name and phone number on it, stick it in the middle of the label, and cover it with a piece of clear packing tape.

Before you discard this idea, those labels with clear packing tape covering is how I identify my whitewater paddles, and these have lasted on the blades for years of use.

I still use them!

The local Coast Guard ran out and is having a difficult time getting them replaced.

so I used my last sticker on my newest kayak.

Tape can last!
A good, clear packing tape will last for a really long time. The trick is getting all the air bubbles out and making sure the edge is down for a good seal.

I used a sharpie on my stickers from the coast guard and did the packing tape trick over that. I hope it will last for a long time.