VHF carry

I have my radio attached to PFD & then shove it under PFD. It works but kind of awkward. Wonder if anyone has come up with a better way to carry a VHF radio.

In PFD pocket
Attached to D-ring inside pocket, then stuffed in pocket.

Shoulder mount it
It’s easy to do and you can operate it with one hand, either hand, which can be an important consideration when you really need it. You can see how I set mine up in my “Kayak Gear” album at:


Great idea
i shared this with some friends.I have a radio pocket on my PFD but a friend doesn’t, this would solve her problem.

If you don’t need it on your PFD
I just keep mine tethered to one of the front deck bungees, and then keep it under the bungee.

Jack L

You just might need it on your pfd
Well that is if you are wearing one. I like it on my pfd because if something happens and I get separated from my kayak there goes the vhf along with it if it is attached to the boat.

Usually I keep mine in my pfd pocket, on a very short tether. At sea, I frequently leave it on, monitoring 16. In surf or practicing rescues, I put it in my day hatch.

I also like the shoulder mount. Can operate with one hand, and can hear it better then if it were in a pocket or on deck. If I was seperated from my kayak, it would still be with me.

Shoulder mount using the same set-up
as Brian Nystrom uses. He was kind enough to walk me through installing a radio mount on my pfd shoulder strap seven years ago. I would suggested a VHF radio with strong reliability history. Any of the ICOMs come to mind. If you use your unit in saltwater just make sure you rinse it after every use, if possible.

either shoulder?
Brian, your Std. Horizon is mounted where I have my knife mounted – left shoulder. (I’m right-handed.) I want everything up high on my PFD, around the shoulders, so things won’t catch if I’m slithering along my deck. So I guess I could put a radio on my right shoulder. I wonder if there would be a downside to that, since I’d have to reach for it with my left hand.

I’m thinking about this because a radio is my next purchase – I hope a lot more coastal paddling is in my future.

Do you have a knife on your lifevest?


Watch the antenna placement
Radios have the antennas on different sides and it’s important that yours doesn’t tend to jab you in the head or face when it’s mounted. Other than that, I don’t see a problem and perhaps it would even be an advantage to be able to keep your dominant hand on the paddle. A shoulder mounted radio can be operated with either hand, though it definitely is easier with the off-side hand.