VHF radio channel abbreviation help.

I bought a Uniden VHF radio, and in the instruction booklet it lists all the channels and gives abbreviations in a column after the channel for its use.

The only problem is no where in the book does it say what each abbreviation stands for.

Some are obvious, but others are not

I sent Uniden a e-mail about a week ago asking for there help, but so far I have not received a reply.

Can anyone direct me to a site that will give what the abbreviations stand for

Thanks in advance.


Good Evening Jack. Try This:

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I actually make a little label for my radio that says "68, 69, 71, and 72" on it so I don't forget.

If ya name
the abbreviations and I’ll list them for you.

Perfect , thanks
that is just what I was looking for


the site Kudzu listed gives them
but thanks for your offer.