VHF radio, HX270s, questions.

-- Last Updated: Oct-20-07 7:23 PM EST --

Just received a Standard Horizon HX270s VHF radio.

Couple questions.

1. The owners manual says, "The FBA-25A [alkaline battery tray] must not be used with rechargeable cells. The FBA-25A does not contain the thermal and over-current protection circuits (provided by the "FNB" series of Ni-MH Battery Packs) required when utilizing NiCd and Ni-MH cells.

On the other hand, the sales guy at West Marine said he thinks people do use Ni-MH AA cells in battery tray without a problem. NiMH is 1.2V and pretty steady over the discharge cycle, vs Alkaline starting at 1.5V then degrades over the discharge cycle to about 0.7V. I would think the steady 1.2V, lower than the starting 1.5V of Alkaline, would be less stress on the circuitry, if anything.

Anyone here use NiMH AA cells in the radio?

2. When using the cradle battery charger to re-charge the NiMH battery pack, there appears to be no indication when the batter is fully charged. The red charging-indicator light doesn't go out. You have to just leave the radio in the cradle for 10 hrs to ensure the battery is fully charged. Is that right?


Something to check on
From the description of what is missing it might be that you can not charge the radio with this battery tray inside. Thermal protection and overcurrent protection are things I remember reading about in battery chargers.

It may be ok to use rechargables in the tray, but you have to recharge them in their own chargers.

I have no experience with this radio. Just wanted to bring up another question you might want to ask the company.


Ah, very good point! NM