VHF Radios/ GPS

I need to purchase a VHS marine radio for the summer. I am considering one with GPS also, for I expect to be going on some longer trips in the future and may find it helpful. Is this a waste of money? I want something that I can carry on my life jacket easily and one that will last me a while. Should I get one that is waterproof or just put it in a waterproof case or possibly both. Are there any suggestions or advise?

Not sure about gps/vhf combs but what
ever you get I would keep it in a waterproof bag. To me the vhf is to important to risk not working when you need it so why chance it to the sea. Hope others can help with the comb unit.

Combo gear
GPS/VHF is a bad combo for paddlers, IMO. If it breaks, you lose 2 things at once. Also, if you’re using the GPS, you’re burning up precious battery power that could be used to call for help if needed, or call a ship to let them know you’re there.

As much of a pain as it is to have multiple gadgets on your deck, and less $$$$ in your wallet, I think you’re safer with them in separate units.

Just my $.02


Two pieces are a must
my own thoughts are as Waynes, if it breaks you lose both. I have found many times when manufacturer combines two things into one something is sacrificed. There was a combo vhf / gps by Uniden a while back but it never seemed to catch on. It was reported to eat batteries also. One more thought here… good basic navigation skills are a must even with a gps. GPS can fail for various reasons, solar, sat. failure, unit failure.

Separate and submersible
Agree with two units - a decent GPS unit burns thru batteries fast enough w/o asking it to do more. Get a submersible rated VHF, I am not sure there is a submersible rated GPS unit out there right now for a reasonable price.

I’m going to agree with everyone else
because you can apparently never say the same thing too many times