Any suggestions /opinions on handheld submersible floating vhf radios for sea kayaking? Under or abt $200? is having GPS necessary (and thus considerably more expensive)?

Last year
I purchased a Uniden MHS125 which I’m happy with. Right around $130 at a local boat shop.

Alot of differant radios
Many to choose from. As far as GPS there are only a few handhelds that have the DSC which is were there is a button on the radio that you press and it sends out an emergency distress call with you GPS location. They tend to be a little larger and cost a little more. I went with a non DSC because of the size of the DSC type radios was just to big.

I bought a Standard Horizon HX300. Which is submersable it floats and has a strobe that starts up if dropped into the water even if the radio is turned off.Another good one I consider is the Icom M24.

I did consider the Standard Horizon HX851 thats a DSC radio but thought it was to big a radio. In any case keep the radio attached to YOU not the boat.Radio is no good if its attached to the boat and you get seperated as thats when you need it the most. For added safety a PLB is also good. Personel locator Beacon. I got a FastFind 220 for about $230. Did I mention I like gadgets.Also have a Garmon Dakota 20 GPS.

I bought an Icom M36 Floater for $170. The radio’s with DSC tend to be on the larger side as previously mentioned.