Looking for a small easy to read & use waterproof vhf radio that floats.

I have a Midland from LL Bean that I learned Sunday that it does not float & was ruined when it went overboard.

I tried to dry it out, & am afraid it won’t be dependable if I need it.


Robert G

I’d look for something with a JIS-8/IPX8(submersible) waterproof rating. Some marine VHF handhelds are “water resistant”, which doesn’t mean much.

I haven’t shopped for one recently, but Icom and Standard Horizon would be a good place to start. The West Marine house brand has had some decent reviews.

Floating radios are harder to lose, but tend to be bulkier then non-floating ones.

M36 Floats.

Bought a Standard Horizon HX 300. Its submersable it floats its small and it has a 20 dollar rebate. I got mine with rebate for a total of $100.Allthough I still havent gotten my rebate yet. Its been about a month. I looked at tghem all. This was the best for the price. Icom makes a model just like this one but cost more. I think that one was the m72?