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Hey all. I am a true newb and looking for my first kayak. I really do not want to break the bank on a 1st one. Does anybody know about Vibe? The Sea Ghost 130 looks good but I cant find any reviews on it. Thanks

I don’t know that brand.
There are far too many “pedigreed” fishing kayaks available on the used market to buy a pig in a poke.

Search around your area for some used boats for sale and take a look for reviews.

You don’t say where you’ll be fishing or what kind of fishing you’ll do, so it will be difficult for anyone to give you recommendations for boats to start with. I’ll say this much though, there’s never been a better time to try to buy a kayak for fishing.

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Thanks for the reply. I am new to East TN(Cookeville). I will mainly be on Caney Fork and local lakes to start. I am 6’3" with a size 16 shoe so I don’t think I will fit in a sit in. The only used I can find are in the 1100 and up range. I really like this area, there is to much water not have something.

Breaking the bank

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At your size, you might also not want to rule out some of the bigger recreational sit-inside kayaks that turn up on the used market. They can be fine for fishing too, and you can customize it to fit your needs (to a point). Best part is that they tend to be very affordable - even the good-performers. Prices are often negotiable.

Stick to those 12' or more in length. You are large enough that you could do well with some of the tandems in solo mode. This one isn't close to you, but just as an example...

I'm not quite as big as you, but I sometimes fish from a 12' Wilderness Chesapeake that I paid a whopping $150 for (probably not an easily repeatable deal). Recently bought another rec boat for my daughter "OT Loon 111) for just a little more.

These "pedigreed" rec kayaks are decent performers and easy to learn in, but still cheap. Buy used and don't over-pay, and you can turn it over for little or no loss when you have more money and more of an idea of exactly what you want/need - which may or may not change with experience.


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excellent choice! these are well made very stable and loaded with features and at a great price compared to yaks like Native or Hobie. men pushing six foot five and well into the three hundred weight group have bought these and compliment them, look them up on the net and scroll down to the facebook icon and read what others say about them. the vibe tribe has come up with many mods to make it personally yours and really cool stuff like bluetooth speakers, battery placement for fish finders, anchor trollys and homeade carts that are much cheaper to make than buy. read the site it has many great ideas that i couldn't find on other kayak sites. i bought mine at Verticle Drop near Cinci Ohio and they if you wish let you try it out before buying. also the company is in GA and may be closer to you. happy shopping

I’m a big fan of the Vibe Maverick 120 Kayak and just wrote a review that might be of help.

Vibe kayaks have a good and growing reputation. Definitely not a “pig in a poke.”

There are a couple right here on I have a Sea Ghost 130 and I think it is a pretty nice boat for the money. I have had it on rivers , lakes and the open Gulf and it was performed pretty well. I have had mine for about 5 years and since thenb they have made some improvements to the hatches and rudder system, all for the better.