anyone know what happened to the Vibe Kayak Owners Group fb page? i haven’t been able to get to it since yesterday, what’s up with it?

Googled it and came up with

It’s a working FB page.

hey thanks

– Last Updated: Jun-18-16 5:53 AM EST –

yeah i found that page too but it's not the (Vibe kayaks owners group) page. that was the vibe kayak page for the manufacturer. i saved it in my favorites and go to it everyday for kool mods and chatter. it just disappeared two days ago and i'm not able to get it back and it says it is "currently unavailable" ??? guess i'm a rookie but that is what i get when i look for it. anyone else have any idea?

modem or router
check it out, i turned off my modem and router for about three hours this morn then rebooted. right away nothing was happening so i went into my registry and back dated to the day this pc was born and left the house for some shopping. i get back home put stuff away then jump online and wallah! “vibe kayaks owners group” is back. go figure… damn electronics