Vibram Five Fingers

Does anyone wear vibram five finger shoes?? How do you like them? I bought a pair of KSO’s and I love them

my feet are not the right
my feet are not the right shape for Fivefingers.

I really was hoping to fit them but since my foot is not “square” (big toe way longer//bigger than second toe) the Fivefingers don’t fit me well.

Since the shoes needs to be long enough to accomodate for my big toe there is a lot of shoe not filled by the other smaller/shorter toes.

No good, for me :frowning:

Same here
Apparently gnarlydog and I have the same type of feet, because I have the same problem. My Vibrams are comfortable, except my smaller toes don’t stay in their appointed spot. Too bad, as they are perfect for use in a skinboat, the sole is just the right balance of flexibility and stiffness. If anyone who reads this thread is interested, I have size 43 KSOs, barely worn, that would like a new home, drop me an email.

I use size 47. I love em. Had em about
2-3 years now I guess. You learn how to put them on without the hassle of finding the right hole for each toe. Mine are the half boot style and have worked out well. I am going to buy the slipper style for this summer. My Cetus and skin boat need minimal footware, but now I use them on every boat once the water warms up to 60 or so. Bill

5 fingers
I just picked up a pair of the sprints at canoecopia this year. I intend to use them as a summer boat/water shoe, but I am still using my neoprene booties right now. I have been wearing the 5 fingers around my house and yard and I love them.

Just waiting for a local shop
to get them in. They should be here any day. I want to try them on before I buy them. I will have to do it on the sly though because my wife thinks they are ugly and has told me I can’t get them. I’ll just slip them in my boat and surprise her at the put-in. :wink:

My girlfriend uses them…
…for running and paddling, and loves them. Haven’t tried them myself.

Toes are not long enough for me
Cool concept I guess if they fit your feet, I was told at the Vibram booth at O.R. that they hear a lot of folks say the toes don’t work for them (too short). The gal at the booth said they considered making a style or 2 w/longer toes, but that was a year or 2 ago, and I haven’t seen that happen yet. Irregardless, I thought the toes just felt weird, but over time that may go away.

Skinny feet?
Has anyone tried them on who have skinny feet? I mean really skinny like A or AA width. They only list fat feet sizes. I am always amazed at how much athletic gear is sized for “ample forms” rather than for us bean poles.

Do they have webbed toes?

Only a little bit
There is some Selkie heritage in the family that causes it. If I could find my seal skin I wouldn’t need any kind of boat.

Do they have these for
large feet? I wear a size 14 4E.

Large feet
Not sure if they come that wide, but I got a pair that fits my size 15B skis! I love them. They’re the only ones that ever actually fit me. My little toes are way too small for the toes.

I love them so much that I even cut the toes off some neoprene socks so that I could stay a little warmer in cold water.

I have a pair of KSOs
which I recently purchased from REI. They are outstanding. I even where them when I’m not paddling (i.e. to the store, working out, etc.)

That is interesting
I am very ample and I have difficulty finding shoes and gear for my size. I always seem to complaign that outfitters never have size 12 d or wider and all I can find online were medium width shoes. That is why I will not ever buy shoes by mail order or online. Plus most pants, shorts, shirts, coats stop at XL, with most shirts being too short for me(I have a long torso).

The grey KSO’s are
Very subdued and go great with jeans. Most people will not notice them unless they really look at them. They are not as loud as other colors