Victoria BC Options?

Looking for some first hand knowlege on guides/outfitters in the Victoria BC area. Would like recomendations for service providers who rent kayaks for day paddles, and possible 1-3 day trips (guided or not). Time period is late May. I’ve scored a free place to stay in town, and will be depending on public trans to get to locations.


Ocean River
You can rent and be on the water from their shop.

I’m surprised that…
…there’s nothing under “Places to Paddle” to the left. I’ve visited Victoria many times, but not paddled there. The Inner Harbor, at least, should be fun, and I’m sure there are others, both coastal and inland. I suggest you check the net for the Vic. Chamber of Commerce-I bet they have guides.

ocean river will set you up big time
they are the cornerstone to paddling in the region. more options than you can shake a stick at.

i live an hour north of Victoria and the
advise about Ocean River is correct.They are on the water at the Inner Harbour and will rent you everything you need. If you are limited to public transporation in Victoria there location is the perfect place to start. You can go up into the dead end safe protected waters of the Gorge or out into the ocean towards China, The BC Mainland or North to Alaska - your choice. You will enjoy yourself.

thanks for the input folks!
I wasn’t trying to be lazy, I’ve really made a good faith effort to search the archives and google etc. I was completely unprepared for the sheer number of options. Feels like being a kid in a candy store who is starving becuause he can’t make up his mind what to eat!!!

Victoria, BC
The August 2004 issue of Sea Kayaker has an article “Miles of Isles” about trips out of Victoria. I don’t know whether this article is on-line, but perhaps a vist to your local library would turn up a copy.

Have fun!


Don’t use VI Canoe/Kayak
I have a very unpleasant experience ordering and returning a kayak and accessories from Vancouver Island Canoe and Kayak. Ended up having to contest charges to get a refund on my credit card. Not sure if they guide trips, but stay away if they do.

Based on the purchase experience, I would suggest not using them for any paddling or kayak rental or guiding needs, as customer services is poor and unreliable. Not what I would want to plan a trip around.

Exactly the info I need
Assuming your a person of “average” maturity and apply “average” dillegence to your kayaking business transactions. LOL.

Seriously, I appreciate the 411 on businesses to stay away from, just as much as I appreciate the glowing referels. thanks