Victoria Harbour novice kayak paddle

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I live in Victoria B.C. Canada/Vancouver Island and paddle the harbour, would like some company. Any time in daylight hours, except Wednesdays & Sundays.
Would be into learning new skills/roll overs.
I have all the cold water equipment so staying out for a few hours is not a problem and actually preferred.
If you have a kayak dolly their is visitors parking at my apartment building and we can go from my place, 5 min walk to a sandy beach launch point.

west coast paddler
I normally don’t like to post to a message board about a different message board system (bad form), but in this case it seems appropriate. You may want to ping this to West Coast Paddler ( - click on community/forums) which is a primarily BC community of paddlers.

Victoria Harbour/WCP.

I have been on the WCP forum for a while now.

I met up with a paddling partner in the summer and learned the Cowboy Rescue. Good times.

I’ll repost on WCP or just bump it to the top and see if I get any more replies.

Merry Christmas and happy paddling :wink: