Victoria, Tx Paddlng Trail Question

I vaguely remember reading somewhere that a new take-out had been added to the Victoria Paddling Trail that increased the length. Google searches have only returned sites with the original 4.2 mile trail (Rose Garden to Pump Station) sections. I also heard that there was supposed to be a take-out built in conjunction with the new highway bridge over the Guadalupe.

Can anyone give me information and especially directions to any new take-outs on the Victoria trail?



Mark you might give a call to the Guadalupe Blanco River Authority’s Coleto Creek Park between Goliad and Victoria. You can google up their web page also. I don’t know if they have the information posted there, but they should be able to help. The Chief Ranger is I believe involved with the Goliad paddling trail on the San Antonio River. Good luck.

Thanks Osprey
I know I found a report about the new takeout somewhere on the web, but I can not find it now. I even remember trying to look it up on Google Earth and thinking I might have found it but was never sure.

Senior moments are getting longer and more frequent.

Had a nice 2.5 hr paddle on the Nueces this evening. Saw a couple of anhingas, snowy egrets, great blues, and even got passed quite close by a low flying hawk that was heading upstream as I went down stream. The fall color was just starting to show in some places and the light of the setting sun made some of it really “pop”. It was real nice to be cool and comfortable on a paddle once again.


Fall In South Texas
Glad you are getting out Mark. Fall is finally here. Sure wish October and November lasted 60 days each.

Its great to have some rain too.

I really need to get down and paddle some of the new trails this fall and winter. Victoria is old home ground, so it would be really great to paddle the Guadalupe there again, and look up old friends.

According to my
put in and take out app, here are the ones it shows for that area:

Loop 463 ROW – O.K. for put in, Steep for Take out

Riverside Park Ramp- easy P/I T/O

Victoria Pump Station – Steep

Moody Bridge- Easy – plenty of parking

US 59 ROW – Boat ramp- last T/O before private property

Victoria trail
Hey Mark,

I am a fellow Mark from Texas. I paddle in the Galveston Bay area, haven’t made it down to the Victoria trail. A good place to ask about it would be

Pretty sure it is
Moody Bridge access I was trying to identify. I know about all the others you mentioned.

Thanks so much. I will try and locate it on google maps.