Victory Blast kayak

that’s what we have, and I was wondering if anybody else has one - what type water are they best suited for. We’ve had our’s 2 years, and are ready to step up a notch to something more comfortable, any suggestions?

Small lakes. Slow moving rivers.
Warm Water. Calm conditions.

Moving up for comfort, but on the same type of water? Look at OT Dirigos and Loons with the nicer, more adjustable seating, and boats in the Wilderness Systems line with adjustable seating.

Class I - 2 boat
is probably what we need since we use it in the Hiawassee river most of the time, which runs pretty fast and has a couple of spots that are probably class 2 with lots of hugh rocks under the surface of the water. Any more suggestions?

The rougher the water
the smaller the cockpit. A boat that is comfy for one person can be a torture chamber for another. Try, or at least sit in, as many as you can. Look for 12-14 foot plastic boats.

I want a fairly large open cockpit
because I know I couldn’t stand it even though I’m a small woman. What about Dagger, I see those alot, and can you give me more names to look at?