VIDEO - A River, A Kayak, 3 Days

Between the cold, the rain and the sun, I just finished my first river kayaking camping trip and it was a blast.

Took my time to try to make a good quality video and I really like the way it turned out. Hope you enjoy!

A River, A Kayak, 3 Days

enjoyed that, you’ve got a healthy sense
of adventure. It was kind of like watching river reality tv. Nice job of handling the video and narrating on the fly.

Nice, thanks…
but I think I see a backpacking stove in your future!


Thanks for the great comments guys.

I actually have a backpacking stove, a cat can stove that I have used on several backpacking trips. This was my first time cooking over the fire and I really enjoyed it. It allowed me to heat things up as much as I want without worrying about fuel conservation.

When I backpack I’m a ounce counter and I only bring just enough fuel so I don’t get to enjoy things like hot chocolate… (Odd personality I have in some ways)