Video: Back at Little Falls in DC

Whitewater Kayaking at Little Falls

The weather was so nice Sunday afternoon that I had to make another trip down to Little Falls. There were loads of kayakers out on the river. Along with swarms of fish alongside the river, trying to swim up the falls. This is an extremely popular time for fishermen (and fishing birds) to crowd around Little Falls to catch fish. Yes, kayakers sometimes get snagged by fishing lines. But it’s not very common. There weren’t any fishermen so far up the river Sunday afternoon, so nothing to worry about where I was filming. Everyone made it through safely. And several kayakers went through multiple times. Carrying their kayaks over the rocky terrain along the falls where I was filming from.

This is the start of the best time of year to go down to Little Falls. Right as things are turning green, flowers are coming out, and weather is warming up. I try to go check out other places too. But Little Falls is walking distance from home. So I go there often…but looking for work as an editor, and may have to move away from DC if I don’t find work in the next couple months.

For now, I’ll make these videos as often as I can just for fun, usually about once a week.

Enjoy! Feel free to share.