video clip

Its a little jumpy, but I thought yall might enjoy a peek at it. Its been a while since I filmed one of these from my kayak.


Nice action. What some are going

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to around here is gun stock mounts, helmet cams, and I found this one on the net>

Might even add pipe insulation to cushion. Lighter than the gunstock. It may seem overkill if you are using a small DVD type camera or a digital with video mode, but being able to steady the camera sure helps. You'd be surprised at the results with a still camera.

Seems like every fisherman in a kayak out there holds the paddle upside down. Doesn’t matter so long as you get to the takeout while breathing.

Looks like some sections of the Greenbrier in WV that I’ve fished.

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Nice Brownie
and ‘D’s right…it does look like a couple of areas on the Greenbrier we’ve fished.

Now I’ve made myself "homesick’ knowing it’ll be almost a year before I get back there. Oh well, “abcense makes the heart”… and all that I guess.

We don’t have to wait for a rodeo
We know the way to the campground and to the takeouts/put-ins.

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