Video Editing Software

I am starting to take kayaking videos with my Pentax W-10. I have no other video cameras so I have no editing software. From my initial reading Windows Movie Maker will not work with the MOV files from the Pentax.

Is there some free software for editing the videos from the Pentax W-10?

Should I just buy the Quicktime Pro software for $30 as the best value option?

PS - Today I learned the best way to get dolphins to come right up to your kayak and swim alongside. You just let your camera make the “Batteries Depleted” sound and they come right over even though they have not been cooperating all day.


Adobe Premiere
Mjamja, I had the same problem editing videos from my Olympus 720SW until I found Adobe Premiere. It is one of the few programs that takes MOV.

BTW Adobe Premiere is the industry standard for editing movies used by professionals and it will cost you a pretty penny unless you score a Premiere Elements somewhere cheap (sometimes sold bundled with video cameras)

For a sample of mine click

Quicktime Pro
should work. I use Final Cut Express, but it only imports directly from DV tapes and only through Firewire, no USB. However if you can get it onto you harddrive you can drag a .MOV file in the program (if your Mac based). I use Finle Cut Express to produce DVD’s from still images. Works good. iMovie will also work (again Mac). Quick time pro should be fine if you are PC based (or MAC). For $30 it worth a try.

editing programs
You should be able to find a freeware or shareware program to edit with. I’m assuming you just want to add some cross fades, trim off the start and end of clips, and add some music?

A program like Premiere is great but it is probably way more software than what you’ll need.

No offense to the previous poster but very few folks I know use Premiere, most pros use Avid or Final Cut Pro, with some other programs thrown in depending on what they’re doing.

ACD Showtime

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A program called ACD Showtime came with my Optio W20. Works fine for trimming or appending videos. Check to see if it came on a disk with your camera.

I have Showtime !!!
I will check it out. At first glance it looks like it will do everything I wanted.

I was confusing Showtime with FotoSlate that came with my old WR-33. So glad you brought it to my attention.


If yer be usin’ a Windows based PC
Pilgrim… yer might want ta use Serif’s MoviePlus 5. Ah’ use it almost as much as my pro software - Adobe Premier Pro and Cineform.

MoviePlus 5 isn’t quite as sophisticated as Premier/Cineform but is more than enough fer most semi-pro video editing. It’ll handle High Definition and Standard Definition capture and editing. Very… very good software. Quite inexpensive too - about $80.

Fat Elmo

Litterbox Movin’ Picture Studios

I use alot of serif programs
Since their beginning when things came on 5 1/4" floppies. But I got used to Studio by Pinnacle and it is my favorite.

Thanks for Info
Thanks to everyone for the good information. I made my first “movie” with ACD Showtime last night and I think it will work fine for the very limited things I want to do with the video clips from my W10.

I will be saving all the other recommendations in case I get serious enough about video to get a digital camcorder.

You all are a great resource.


Youz too?
Usin’ Serif’s PagePlus since version 1 me’self. Still have de original box an’ 5.25 floppies, too. Great software and a great company.