video for flatwater canoe stroke/bentsha

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Hi folks,

Can anyone recommend a video that shows proper flatwater canoe stroke with bentshaft paddles?
I saw a racing padlding video on wenonahs site and there is a canoeing basic video here on p-net but not sure if it is for bentshaft flatwater stuff.

This would be for efficient allday paddling. Thinking about maybe trying the adirondack 90 mi race next year - or at least going to look at the trees/leaves.

Thanks a lot

Mike and tanya Fries video
Available from J&J paddles. Some good stuff on strokes on their web site too.

charlie Swengros


Absolutely ! I second that
We have it, and every time I watch it I get more out of it.

Now if I could only get my stroke rate into the mid sixties I would be a happy and faster man!



there are a few
i bought two from mark gillespie. they’re OK. information is pretty solid, but the quality is lacking to say the least.

i haven’t seen the fries’ video but i’ve always wanted to.

one of the best things i’ve seen came from outrigger paddlers. it’s a little different than C1, for obvious reasons, but a lot of the theories (reach far, use lats, etc.) are the same.