Video from inside a crab trap when crabbing from a kayak

Went crabbing from kayaks with a friend last weekend a few miles outside of the Golden Gate Bridge. He put a GoPro inside one of our traps and made a time lapse video from it which he posted into Facebook:

Very cool! thanks for sharing. Grew up eating Blue Crabs here on the East coast. They are my favorite. My uncle in Cambridge, MD would take me out netting for soft shells and peelers in the Choptank River. Set traps here in SC, and have used a chicken wing on a string that you slowly pull in over a net when a crab starts feeding too.

I find it interesting that the crabs can get out of the tarp. Looks like it might be a good idea to pull the trap more often.

Is the video gone? Or can I just not see it?

It appears to be gone. Facebook doesn’t play well with others I guess - won’t let us watch videos posted to FB without being in FB.

Try this link. It also might expire, so hopefully it will b viewable for a few days.

Wow! That is pretty neat!