Video: Massive Rafting Group at Great Falls

Video: Calleva Group Raft Trip

I was out at Great Falls National Park Thursday and saw a massive group from Calleva River School going out rafting. I stayed on the shore and filmed them passing by. Loads of search and rescue boats were also out training again in the same area (I’ll post those videos later). So there were plenty of people around if anyone needed help. All was safe while I watched at least. And the weather was just perfect. Sunny, calm, 75 degrees (though it was getting warmer). Great day to be out at Great Falls.


What a view! Great editing as well on the video.

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I grew up near there in the 1960s. No one ran the Falls in those days. We used to paddle up the C&O Canal and down the Potomac River above the Falls.

We had high school parties at Great Falls. Our senior class trip was a canoe trip with an overnight at Violet’s Lock. We had 60 guys in canoes and we were met by 75 girls that night.