Video: Rush Hour at The Rapids

Lots of kayakers (and one goose) paddled down Little Falls on a beautiful Saturday afternoon in Washington DC

juicy peelouts!


Why did the goose ride through the rapid?
Well it wasn’t gonna duck it but it couldn’t really flap it.
Would you say that day he made it cause he get his hips quite loose?
You spake mistake for it’s no drake nor as you gander w’hen it’s goose.

Thank you again for an enjoyable transport via moving pixels into the portal of paddled-passage imagination. I’m on my knees amidships of my big ole Mad River Explorer, thinkin’ I’ll sneak it left, oh hell, I’m go’n center cause the current’s got me, watch that wave wall on the right eddy line - SPLASH! Bow’s caught, stern rudder! Too Late! 50-gallons aboard! Gunnel gulps. MAN DOWN! MAN DOWN! SWIM FORREST! SWIM!

Guess I shoulda ridden the goose.


Local newscasters keep saying that DC rush hour has gotten progressively less crowded and easier during corona-tide but I see the proof otherwise in this video.
Thanks for sharing.

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