Does anyone know of a good sea kayaking video. One that shows paddlers on rough water. I am hoping to pick up some rough water technique. I was hoping that by watching others I might learn a thing or two. I plan on taking lessons but until then any help is worth while. Thanks!

For videos of sea kayakers in action (not instructional/lesson format) check out “This is the Sea” and “This is the Sea Two”. Both available right here:

ABCs of the Surf Zone

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Very valuable video if you plan to go slap dashing around Lake Michigan in high winds and waves.

Loads of smashes and crashes on this one, with tons and tons (three hours long) of technique. A good value for the money because of the length. I love it (and I don't even paddle in rough waters). Reviews bracing in waves, reading waves, negotiating surf, getting to safety, what to do in capsizes in waves, finding a tame put-in spot, directional boat control in wind and waves, and on and on. Notice at the bottom of the p-net description on the link, and this is confirmed as I am a subscriber and it was in their Dec 2005 issue, that this was the #1 Reader's Choice Instructional video for 2005 in Sea Kayaker Magazine.

And no, I'm not even related to Wayne Horodowich (the instructor on the video).

this is the sea and this is the sea 2
Both great videos.

ABC’s of Surf Zone is probably the
best instructional video I’ve seen for kayaking with rough water. The explanations, demos and examples of real conditions are very clear and helpful.