viewing options in Madison

As the season approaches I’m getting a bump in emails concerning designs, laminates and components. For those in the MidWest, Canoecopia in Madison will allow us all to compare, Nova Craft, NorthStar, Swift Canoe and Kayak and Wenonah’s new offerings. Nova and Swift both have Innegra included in laminations. Swift has an array of composite components including seats and seat drops and new, integral, cockpit rims and box seams on their 'yaks.
NorthStar has a new solo, Swift a new tripping tandem out as well; must be other innovations too. Probably worth a look?

Well, I certainly will be taking a close look at all of them. Always an interesting event!


Too bad that I won’t be able to make that trip, I’d really like to try a Keewaydin 14 on for size.