Viewing underwater?

Occasionally someone loses something overboard and a futile search ensues. Now that I can roll I might consider goggles in calm water, but are there other options? I mean could something like a homebrew periscope work?

i’ll bite :slight_smile:
So, you find something under water. How do you get to it?

There is a “device” that you can make yourself. Take a plastic/metal can from coffee, cut bottom off, put plastic wrap on one end ( rubber band to hold it in place ).

If you stick the end with the wrap in the water you will be able to see things under water much better - reduced reflections from the rippling surface and shadow created by the walls helps quite a bit. At least used to ~20 years ago :wink:

and it works fantastic.

Take a plastic five gallon bucket.

Cut a round hole in the bottom of it leaving about a inch or so around the edge.

Cut a circle of clear plexiglass that will lay on top of the rim that you left and glue it in place.

Hold the bucket a little way under the water surface, and you can see every thing as long as the water isn’t too cloudy.

It helps to put a hood over your head and the bucket to keep out the reflection from the sky.

Caution ! don’t get too carried away and lean too far over the side of your boat or dock and fall in.



Oh my…
That is High Tech stuff you are discussing :slight_smile:

On the other hand, that 5gallon plastic bucket will have ~40 pounds of floatation, one could ~almost~ stand on it :wink:

Or for a measly $599.99 you can go to cabelas and get yourself an underwater camera.

Try carrying a magnet
With 23 years of working around the water I have found that it seems to be knives, keys, and glasses that are most often lost. Carry a good strong magnet and some line and you should be able to fish out most things that are lost.

mask & roll
Or if the upside-down perspective is confusing, a mask and someone else’s bow is a fine way to look at the bottom without leaving your boat.