Vinalhaven circumnavigation, ME

-- Last Updated: Sep-25-06 2:15 PM EST --

A friend and I spent 4 days on the Maine Island Trail around Penobscot Bay, we launched from the public boat launch in Stockton Springs into the Stockton Harbor (Apparently, this launch is NOT in the MITA book, albeit the launch is fairly new). Spent 4 days paddling south towards the Vinalhaven archipelago. We circumnavigated Vinalhaven and North Haven and had a blast. Spent time on Little Hen island and an island west of Deer Isle with stops for lunch on other small islands in the archepelago. What we planned for 4 days, took us 2, due to a monster 30 mile paddle on the first day to Little Hen from the launch and then all the way around from Little Hen to complete the circumnavigation. Day 3 was spent just moseying around the islands around Butter, harbor seal watching and relaxing, and Day 4 was returning to Stockton Harbor.



Nice paddle I like it in that area mysel