Vincent Racing Canoes?

Has anyone heard of Vincent racing canoes? I found one for sale, and would like some information before purchasing. It is 18’6", tandem, Kevlar with wood gunwales. Stickers on the canoe show that many years ago, it was used for racing on the Nantahala river.

It’s possible that I laid hands on it,

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because I was boat inspector at many of the races on the Nantahala from 1978 toward 1990. Except for the Nationals, boat inspection was a rather cursory exercise. I would eyeball the boat, noting that it was entered in the right class, had the required basic safety stuff, and was devoid of things that would (illegally) deflect water from entering the boat, and then I would slap a sticker on it. One or more of those stickers may have been plastered by my greasy thumb.

A canoe designed to race downriver in whitewater should make a pretty good tripping canoe for a pair of paddlers and a bunch of gear. Assuming it is designed for whitewater, it will have a lot of exposed hull for lakes and open rivers, but just put enough weight in it and it will be fine.

If I were there, I might buy it, because our old Moore, same length and characteristics, was designed for whitewater downriver, but prior to the Age of Kevlar, it weighs 85 pounds, and I'm old. Best luck with your decision.

Vincent canoe
That is a Ralph Vincent Designed Downriver racer from back in the mid 80’s. Built in either Craftsbury Vt or Newport Vt. Ralph was a top downriver racer back in that time, in fact he still is competing. My guess it was built by either the Common Canoe Co or The Memphremagog Canoe Co. If it is a Memphremagog I think it was called the OC2 Catamount.The reason for the confusion on the company is that a lot of the same peopled were involved in both if memory serves me right.