Vintage 1940s/early 50s Mead Glider

Hello, My name is Tim Carls - in Mount Pleasant WI. Not sure if this is the right forum or place, but I am trying to find out information about my 1940s/early 50s Mead Glider, built in Chicago. Mead manufactured many different wood/metal/canvas kayaks to glider planes. I have the frame, batwing sail, outrigger sponsons and parts for this antique. Trying to find someone that either restore, or perfect for vintage/antique ‘wall art’
Any information would help, as I keep researching. Thank you! tc

Looks amazing. Something like that would be very nice hung in a high ceiling contemporary house.


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If it were me, I would ask Joe Greenley

In Fort Townsend

Redfish Kayaks

He probably knows people all over the country

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I suggest posting at the Wooden Boat forums, I think the building & repair forum is the place to post. There are descriptions of other restorations there.

Forums - The WoodenBoat Forum

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Or you might also try the Wooden Canoe Heritage Assoc,

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thats what I am hoping : ) perfect vintage wall art for sure! thanks.

i use to be a member and have tried there, sadly not much response there, but may try again, thanks!