Vintage 1972 Old Town Chipewyan 16' Cano

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Hello all,

I am new to this blog, and was referred here by Old Town customer service.

The question I presented to Old Town was regarding a 1972 Chipewyan canoe I recently acquired in fantastic shape!

There are two (super cool) decals of an Indian Chief on the port and starboard bow, as my wife and I travel/will travel frequently with the canoe atop our vehicle; I am interested in preserving the current condition of the vinyl decals by protecting them from further rock chipping or wind peeling.

My thought was to use some automotive grade clear vinyl sheeting to simply "sticker over the stickers" in a "screen protector" manner.
Old Town customer service noted that they had never done this and advised me to this message board, any thoughts, insights, or general opinions of my new vessel are welcome!

Cheers and Happy Paddling!

The only problem I see is the material you cover with will be a sheet material that “might” lay flat on a flat surface, it won’t lay flat on a curved surface it’ll wrinkle around the edges. It’ll have to be self stick so if it doesn’t work it’ll very likely pull up the sticker you’re trying to protect and ruin it.

I’d not do that personally.

If the edges are coming loose you might try to re-glue them, otherwise waxing it and leaving it alone is the best bet.

Bill H.

Google for canoe decals
There are some sites that have some old canoe decals. Don’t know any offhand but have seen them in the past. Agree that covering them is problematical, and I wouldn’t do it.

Leave your sticker alone and in the shade.

How much did you pay for this wonderful boat?

Get a canoe cover

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It will protect your vintage canoe and the decal during travel. Bag Lady sews custom covers to fit your canoe.

Thanks, I think I’ll just be leaving the stickers alone afterall. It is stored inside only, my only concern is our occasional drive of an hour or two to some different lakes… I only paid $450 which I thought was quite a fair price