Vintage Canoe-guide boat

Does anyone know about old Grumman Guide-Sport boats? I have picked one up as throw in to a duck boat that I really wanted. It is like a flat back canoe, but it is wider and it has oar locks. I don’t know where to look for a serial #, or to determine when it was built. It is aluminum which is quiet lighter than my 18’ Herters canoe, and I believe more stable in the water. The lakes have been frozen (northern,IL) so I have not been able to try it. Any info would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.


Still made?
Is it the Grumman Sportboat - 15’ 3" x 46" wide?

Grumman Sport Boat
Grumman made square back canoes and a separate series that was built to take a load and be motored or rowed. The Sport Boats look like a square back canoe, but are much heavier and a bit wider at the stern. My recollection is that they had flat seats and spray rails mounted on the sides of the hull, along with the oar locks mentioned.

They are really ruggedly built, but not the thing you want to cartop without a strong partner to help with lifting.

The serial number and model were stamped on a small oval plate mounted on the front deck.


Grumman Guide/ Sport boat
Thanks for your reply. It is 15’ long and looks like the one in the link that you sent, only much older. Sorry it has been soooo long since I got back to this site.


Grumman Guide/Sport Boat

Many thanks for the info. I know where the plate is. It is covered in camo paint, but I will clean it up and see what I can find out. It is an older boat, and it is the Guide or Sport boat.