'vintage' Hyperform kayak

I have a 1974 Hyperform whitewater kayak that’s served me well lo these many years, but the flotation bags and cockpit skirt have finally bitten the dust, so to speak.

I checked the Hyperform, Inc website and it doesn’t appear they make kayaks any longer.

Any ideas where to purchase replacement flotation bags and skirts for the old girl?

here’s some ideas

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these guys will make you a skirt- measure but I'm guessin' a small or extra small for the cockpit rim size- givem a call and tellem what you got


buy some beach balls to stuff in there for floatation-
no I'm not kidding- they wedge in pretty well in old school pointed boats- will save you some cash, or buy some standard split bags from nrs- they may be a little short in the stern but they'll work, just shove them down in further

my first boat that was truly my own was a lettman- can't say i miss patching it

float bags
Flotation bags do not have to be custom made for any boat. As long as they are reasonably large enough they expand to fill whatever space they are inserted into. I have 4 skin on frame kayaks that require dual float bags and I have an assortment of float bags from Feathercraft, Harmony and NRS and they all are interchangeable among the boats, which range from 12’ to 18’ long and from 21" to 26" wide.

For the sprayskirt, just measure the width and length of the outside of the cockpit coaming and then look at the various sprayskirt fit sites (like for Seals or Snapdragon) to see which model will fit it.