vintage Toni Prijon paddles

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Hell all, let me start off by saying hello first, these forums look like they will have alot of experience and knowledge to read and practice.

I have aquired some old wooden kayak paddles, I believe they are from the 1970's. They are Toni Prijon brand, and have stainless steel tips riveted to them. Also have a very squared tip if that helps, although they are scooped. Does anyone know anything about these paddles? and the approximate value? They are all in great condition coincidering the age of them.

thanks in advance

Do they also appear to have cross ply
layers on the blade faces? They were nice paddles, but I never tried one personally. My question would be whether they are as neutral when slicing through the water or sculling as modern paddles like my Mitchell. They also were’t particularly light, but light enough compared to what else was available at that time.

Can’t tell you about value. Depends on what someone wants to pay.

Prijon and Kober paddles
were similar as I recall. Aluminum or SS rivited tips were teh norm on paddles from those days as well.

I am no expert, but I would say that you have nostalgic display pieces, and I would be surprised if they held any significant dollar value.

But then again, people collected Beanie Babies. So what do I know!


Prijon paddles
The paddles you have were the ones to have and used by slalomists worldwide in the 1970s…Toni Prijon was an international slalom paddler from Germany.

Dave Mitchell set up Mitchwood/Mitchel paddles in the UK before he re-located to the USA…he actually went to Germany and spent some time with Toni observing how the paddles were made.

Look after them they are excellent paddles