Vinyl Adhesive

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I need to re-adhere a couple of anchor points on my Vertige. In the past I've used Vynabond or Mondo Bond for this kind of job, but I can't get either in town any more. The last batch I bought came from the shop where I used to get both of the aforementioned adhesives. The tube just said Vinyl Adhesive but the store price sticker said Vynabond so I assumed it was the generic equivalent. I started the job last night but ran out after the initial layers on the hull and anchor patches. Now they're even out of that. The only thing I can find in town is Loctite Vinyl, Plastic and Fabric Adhesive. It contains MEK so I suspect it will work but would like to hear others' thoughts. Should I remove the existing layer of vinyl adhesive and start over with the Loctite adhesive, use the Loctite stuff for the second layer and pronounce it good, order some Vynabond or Mondo Bond and start over (I hope to use the boat this weekend so I'd rather not have to do that), or..........? What's an erstwhile open boater boy to do?

Try HH-66
for future reference. I doubt you will be able to find it locally, however.

I have never used the Loctite product so I have no idea how it would work. Since Vynabond is no longer available I have been using HH-66 which Mike Yee recommended on his website. You can get in in quart cans which are relatively economical. Sailrite has the best price I have found:

I have used it to outfit a couple of boats now. I can’t know at this point what its durability is relative to Vynabond but none of the anchors I have installed with it have failed over the past year. It does degass much more quickly than Vynabond so you need to approximate the patch to the hull sooner than you would with other vinyl adhesives I have used, including Vynabond.

Thanks Pete!
Believe it or not I found some on Amazon Prime. Guaranteed Thursday delivery which will give me plenty of time.

Local Open Boater
Should’ve asked your local open boater first. I don’t use any of those “Bonds” for my airbags because they have all failed on me. It always occurs during transportation. I forget to let air out of my bags, they over inflate and the AR sun in the summer beating down on my boat makes the bonds tacky and they peal off from the pressure of the bags. G-flex the D-rings instead, and you shouldn’t have any issues.

I did use Mike Yee’s recommendation of Sta-Bond for my D-rings for my thigh straps and they have not failed me yet. I put a lot of pressure on those D-rings every time I roll my canoe (which is a lot because I teach/attend many roll sessions).

If for whatever reason your Sta-Bond doesn’t arrive in time, let me know and I can bring some G-flex to SWWP/Canoe School. We can set up Friday night and you will be ready to paddle Saturday am.


Thanks pal!
Look forward to seeing you this weekend. Hopefully we won’t get struck by lightning!


try: Blog H-66 vinyl adhesive

for pointers.

Vynabond exists as a leather repair adhesive.

Vyna was excellent. H-66 replaces Vyna. Vyna was more instant bond than 66. What the ultimate strength comparison is ??? beyond my tests.

The Loctite is a light duty adhesive. Using MEK, still a light duty adhesive but stronger. Lock does adhere to nylon fittings on Pelican boxes and 8-22G primary wire sheathing.

try the 66 on those float bags.

Another vote for G Flex
Produces the strongest most durable bond I’ve found for putting D rings onto any kind of plastic boat.

Thanks again, all.
I’m also a G Flex fan, but alas it’s not available here either. There’s a top notch paddling shop an hour away that carries it along with other goodies, but the one independent shop here just doesn’t have a good paddling gear selection. Nice folks. Just don’t usually carry what I need, so if it’s an immediate need I’m SOL.

Reactivate the first coat with MEK?
When I bonded a bunch of D-rings to Royalex boats last winter and couldn’t find Vyna Bond anywhere, I used Clifton Urethane Adhesive, which NRS carries. This choice was rather random (another product is Vinyl-Tec 2000).

Regarding an already dry coat of glue: Clifton Urethane Adhesive’s instructions recommend MEK to reactivate a dry first coat before applying a second coat. The stuff itself is 32% MEK. If your first coat’s adhesive is MEK based, I don’t see why you couldn’t apply the same method, as long as your new adhesive has the same (MEK) base.

Thank you again everyone.
The HH-66 was on the front porch when I got home. Ten minutes work and the anchors are rock solid. When I have more time I’ll give some attention the ones that haven’t come loose but are developing suspect spots on the corners. My boats have suffered neglect due to my diminished capacity, but the wing is officially well on the mend and I’m ready to see if I remember how to keep the hairy side up!